Top Tips and Tricks to Prevent Neck Pain

By | December 15, 2017

Tips and Tricks to Prevent Neck Pain

Yes! The last thing we want to happen to our days is to experience that painful neck. This ends up distorting our moods, distracts our concentration and keep us hopping from one painkiller to another. We can do better than this bustle. You need to live your life to the fullest remember.

Most of us at some point in life have risen in the morning to some neck pain or may be injured. We need to learn better ways to prevent such pain or at least combat it to great relief in case we happen to experience it, for whatever reasons.Tips and Tricks to Prevent Neck Pain

But let me not chest thump myself over this, it is good you see your doctor just for a check-up for that persistent pain. However, these tips and tricks can keep you stay away completely, if not regularly from your doctor.

Top Tips and Tricks to Prevent Neck Pain

  • Check on how you sleep. Bad sleep can occur due to neck twists. You could also be experiencing too much stress and even bad body posture that ends up affecting your neck. This can be a great cause of neck pain.
  • Invest in a new pillow or pillows much more comfortable, try out one that might help to keep your cervical spine in neutral alignment for the best comfort to the neck area. Choose or test the best sleep position that works best with your new pillow, because we adapt to different styles differently, given we have unique bodies and variant body health situations.
  • For those who sleep on their backs, try getting a round pillow to support your natural neck curve and adopt a flat pillow to cushion further your head. Even those who sleep on their sides, you can as well, try out feather pillows, but they collapse their body shape more often.
  • Consider going for the ‘memory foam‘ to tailor into your head and neck shape and assume fine spinal alignment. Don’t go for those too high or stiff pillows; they could worsen your situation. Get a pillow that is higher under your neck than on your head.
  • Consider going for neck strengthening exercises. Start strengthening you’re your shoulders to ease the pain and stretch your neck more regularly. Hit the gym if you can more often. If you can drop your chin to chest, roll your neck all-round the positions including circular motions, that is a plus.
  • If you use the computer more often, always adjust the monitor to a comfortable position such that even if you might work for long hours, your neck strain doesn’t end up that worse off. The same could apply to you if you are a pilot in the cockpit or in that of the train, like watching your television among others. Get best neck support in such situations to avoid exacerbating or causing any further neck pain.
  • When using your phone for longer hours, check the angle you assume as you look at it, decrease it to a position that suits you. A comfortable upright sitting position or leaning on your back could work better. You don’t need your cervical spine to strain anymore. Consider going for Bluetooth technology or hands-free headsets for your calls.

Other Tips And Tricks That Could Help

  • Try out acupuncture and deep tissue massage with a well skilled practitioner. It is magic.
  • Check on your chair regular headrest for the best position to avoid straining your cervical spine, keep it neutral.
  • Try ice therapy for relief, by placing ice on the area with the pain.
  • Take a lot of water and magnesium diet for neck muscle relaxation and contractions.

Lastly, that smoking! It doesn’t go down well with spinal health, avoid it if you want the best for your neck.

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