LinenSpa Memory Foam Mattress Topper Reviews

By | November 18, 2017

The LinenSpa Memory Foam Mattress Topper is a great product. It 1is designed to offer comfort as well as pain relief. As you are likely to find from objective LinenSpa mattress reviews, including this one, this owes to meticulous design. From the materials used in making this mattress to the actual procedure, no effort has been spared to ensure top performance.

In order to offer you an objective review of this LinenSpa memory foam mattress topper, we tested the product over a couple of weeks. Over that period the topper proved resilient, comfortable and adaptable to different requirements. It was no more than you can expect of LinenSpa. It is a company whose pedigree in the industry is without peer.LinenSpa Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Great Features And Benefits of the Product:

  1. Premium Quality Construction.

Only the best of materials and compounds have been used in the construction of this LinenSpa memory foam mattress topper. The compounds used in the construction of the topper are all carefully formulated to ensure structural integrity, purity and high performance. As such, you can depend on the mattress topper to retain its shape and functionality for a lifetime. Even with regular usage, the topper will not lose shape or offer less support.

  1. Open Cell Technology.

The value of this mattress topper is not just in the selection of materials. It is also in the construction. Using revolutionary gen infused Open Cell technology, LinenSpa have created a unique product for your mattress and bed. Open Cell technology adds to the resilience of a mattress without taking away any of its comfort. What is more, this formula has been passed as anti-microbial. It is resistant to all forms of allergens including dust mites, mold and bacteria.

  1. Cradles and Supports Body’s Pressure Points.

The whole purpose of a memory mattress is to adjust the sleeping surface to suit your sensitive spots. This mattress topper does an excellent job of it by automatically molding itself to suit your body’s natural pressure points. This is made possible because of Lucid’s LinenSpa’s patented memory forma formula. With that done, it cradles and offers adequate support for health and wellness. With its ventilated design, the airflow is optimized in order to keep you cool, relaxed and lulled for sleep.

  1. Relieves Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain.

The award winning design of this memory foam mattress topper is designed to offer more than just comfort. With its ergonomic support for the most vulnerable joints and bones of your upper trunk, it delivers pain relief. It is therefore a great way to transform your ordinary mattress to a source of comfort and therapy in one fell swoop. linenspa mattress

  1. CertiPUR® Certified.

As other LinenSpa memory foam mattress toppers in the LUCID line, this 2″ product is CertiPUR® Certified. In other words, it has been independently tested to ensure construction from the most environmentally pure materials. These materials are also guaranteed to pose no safety concerns for your health or wellness. A CertiPUR® certification is also a guarantee that the mattress topper contains no prohibited compounds and materials. This should be taken to mean no chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), known Ozone depleters or phthalates are included in the formulation. Just as well, the formulation is free of mercury, formaldehyde and no heavy metals including lead. Even more significantly, the topper does not include synthetic latex of any kind.

Pros and Cons of the LinenSpa Memory Foam Mattress Topper:


  • Made of quality and durable materials.
  • Ventilated to keep you cool.
  • Available in twelve different sizes to suit all mattresses.
  • Revitalizes your old mattress for a fraction of the price of a replacement.
  • Affordable pricing.


  • Has a distinctive smell which can last for a week when new.
  • Would have more utility if it had a fitting cover.

Whom Is This Mattress Topper Designed for?.

This 22″ mattress topper is suitable for people who:

  • Have sensitive backs.
  • Have sleep apnea.
  • Are recovering from some surgical procedure.
  • Want to give a lumpy mattress a new lease of life.

Freequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Q: Does this mattress topper have the tendency to slide off the mattress?

A: The mattress topper should not slide off the mattress if it is used according to instructions. First, you need to get a topper that is exactly matched to your mattress size (there are twelve choices to pick from). You will notice that the topper is shorter by about half an inch all round. Place a fitted sheet to cover the topper and you will be set for a snug sleep all night long.

Q: Does this mattress topper make you sweat?

A: One of the best features about this mattress is the effective ventilation of its design. It is therefore very good in temperature regulation, offering you just enough warmth to lull you to sleep. Unless you have an acute sweating problem of your own, you are unlikely to find this mattress topper as the one inducing the condition.

Final Verdict:

A mattress topper should offer comfort as well as pain relief. This is not a very easy feat to pull off. However, by using ingenious design, premium materials and their long pedigree in the industry, LinenSpa has managed to do just that with this LinenSpa memory foam mattress topper. It is the cheapest way to revitalize your aging mattress while protecting your sensitive back. By molding itself to your figure, the mattress reduces pressure and fatigue. And, with its temperature regulating ventilation pores, you will never have to toss and turn all night. Whether you are buying it for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, it will prove an apt choice.

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