How To Cut Memory Foam Mattress

By | November 1, 2017

Memory foam mattress toppers have become the new thing the industry due the extra comfort they bring to the bed. They are usually very comfortable and can transform the sleeping experience. Most of these memory foam toppers come in standard sizes, and one has to cut them to fit their bed sizes.

Most common bed sizes include the single, full and the king or queen size. If your bed or mattress is not of a standard size, then you have to cut the foam toppers to fit the size of your bed. Here is how to cut memory foam Mattress.

How To Cut Memory Foam Mattress
Buying a custom made memory foam topper can be pretty expensive. The best way is to buy a mattress topper and then cut it to fit your bed and mattress size.

Cutting memory foam mattress can be challenging but with the proper tools, the process can be made easier.

Steps on How to Cut Memory Foam Mattress Easily.

Necessary Tools:

The first step in getting your foam mattress memory cut is getting all the necessary resources ready. Some of the tools and materials required include;

  • Pencil.
  • A marker pen.
  • Tape measure.
  • A paper to act as a template.

The knife used must be of a clean edge if you want the best results. A wrong knife that is not very sharp will get the mattress rough and jagged.

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2) Measure Your Bed and Mattress Size:

Measure the exact size of the foam mattress you want. The size is determined by what you want to use for; this can be for the pillow or mattress. Mark all your measurement on a template paper. Take for example you need a memory foam mattress topper. You will cut and remove the template and then mark all the lines on the memory foam topper. A straight edge or yardstick is recommended when marking the lines on the form mattress topper.

The lines will then be marked on the foam mattress to be cut. Align it properly to avoid cutting it wrongly. A permanent fine tip marker is recommended when marking the lines.

How To Cut Memory Foam (VIDEO).

Start The Cutting Process:

The memory foam mattress is then placed on a hard surface that is raised to your height. The edges that will be cut need to hang off the hard surface. Make sure you check the lines drawn match well on both sides before cutting. Hold the form tightly with one hand while the other holds the knife.

Place the blade of the knife straight through the foam avoiding any angles. Gently cut through without forcing the knife. When placed in its required position, the knife will gently cut without forcing it. Trying to force it will lead to uneven edges that are usually jagged.

If an electric knife is your preferred cutting tool, make sure you keep the cord and fingers away. Electric knives can be dangerous so make sure you are careful throughout the cutting process. Cutting a memory foam mattress is relatively easy, but mistakes should be avoided at all costs. If not sure of the comfortable position when cutting, you might try working with a scrap foam first.

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