How To Buy A Mattress Topper? [Step by Step Guideline]

By | November 3, 2017

It can be pretty difficult to purchase a mattress topper if it is your first time. The market is filled with hundreds of mattress toppers making it difficult for consumers to choose the best mattress topper.

In this article we are going to show you just How To Buy A Mattress Topper. You need a mattress topper that does not cost way too much but still offers you the best comfort for the night. The following considerations are crucial when choosing a mattress to buy a mattress topper

Difference Between A Mattress Topper & Mattress Pad:

When you buy a mattress topper. You must understand is the difference between a mattress pad and topper. Most people get confused with these two and end buying the wrong product.

The pad is thinner and serves to protect the mattress. The pads only add a slight softness to the mattress. The pads work on particular needs. They can act a waterproof material or as a feature to prevent allergens.

Mattress toppers on the other hand mainly serve to add extra comfort to your bed. They have enough layers of softness. They can also act as a cushion to your body and support your body while sleeping.

Some users can choose to use the two, but the pad is placed on top of the topper to protect it too.

How to Buy A Mattress Topper ?

The number of mattress toppers in the market is large and buyers need to know what they want from the topper first. Secondly, work out on the material you prefer before going to your personal preferences. Here are some of the factors to consider;

Consider Price

The cost of the topper plays a huge role on whether you will find it or not. These toppers usually range from as little as $30 to hundreds of dollars. Expensive does not always mean best. It all has to do with meeting your needs.

The cheapest toppers you can get are those made from polyester, cotton and plain egg crate. The price goes high when you get those made from feathers and high cotton. The memory foam, latex, and wool are among the most expensive in the market.

Consider Comfort and Softness

Make sure you find the perfect level of softness. The materials used to make these toppers vary a lot, but you can get one with some good level of comfort at a fair price. Some people may prefer natural softness like cotton while others go with the one that molds into their body.

Whatever topper you choose, make sure it has some good level of softness.

Density options and Density

Most toppers have a thickness ranging from 2 to 8 inches. The options on the thickness to choose might depend on your weight and quality of the mattress. If you weight a lot, then go with thicker options. If your bed is old, you also need a thicker topper and vice versa.

Density also plays a crucial role in determining whether you will be comfortable. Topper made from latex or foam tend to have a right level of thickness and will offer better support to the body.

Body Heat

Thick and denser toppers tend to retain body heat more. You need to choose a topper that will suit your body and the place where you stay. Toppers made from feathers, down, and wool, is among the best. These tend to provide users with more warmth during the winter seasons while they reduce such heats in the summer months.

Firmness, Extra Support and Pain Relief

This depends on what a buyer wants from the topper. Those looking for additional support for the back and limbs can go with the latex and memory foam toppers. These are ideal and capable of holding the shape of your body. They are ideal for people who suffer from neck pains after sleeping.


Don’t buy a topper made from materials that cause allergies. Some materials are resistant to mildews, bed bugs, molds, and mites.

Ease of Cleaning

Well, this is another crucial point to consider as most people hate washing by such heavy fabric by hand. Are they washable by machine? If you hate washing by hand, then looking for machine washable toppers. Down and feather toppers and among the most difficult to clean and maintain.


Go with toppers that have warranties of more than two years especially if you have paid a lot for them. Some have a one year warranty while others can even go to five years.

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Final Word:

It can be quite difficult to select a good mattress topper, but I hope you now know How To Buy A Mattress Topper . Remember to buy what suits your needs and doesn’t cost way too much.

If you have any question on how to buy a Mattress Topper, please let me leaving comment, I would love to get back to you with an answer.

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