Down Alternative Mattress Topper Reviews

By | November 6, 2017

If you have a mattress that has grown too firm from use that it borders on being lumpy, you need a mattress topper that offers relentless comfort. The most reliable down alternative mattress topper reviews show that the Grand Down All Season full mattress topper is an excellent choice for such a purpose. It is made from an alternative form of down that is entirely composed of microfiber filling.

This is all you need to add comfort to your mattress without having to deal with the negatives of the natural down filling. The topper also bears the distinctive baffle box design to ensure that the stuffing does not migrate to one end of the mattress as it is used. And its all-season warmth and comfort ratings are among the most impressive in the industry.

Down Alternative Mattress Topper

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Who is this Mattress Topper Suitable for?:

This down mattress topper is suitable for:

  • People with asthma and who are reactive to other allergens.
  • Anyone looking to increase the comfort of a lumpy mattress without having to replace it with a new one.

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Down Alternative Mattress Topper Important Features:

  1. Alternative Microfiber Down as Fill Material:

The designers of this mattress topper were committed to provide a topper that offered excellent comfort for the user all night long. However, well aware of the complaints associated with using natural down for stuffing, they sought for a synthetic alternative with all the benefits and none of the negatives. The synthetic microfiber alternative used for the stuffing of this mattress topper is comfortable and guaranteed to give you a comfortable sleep all night long.

  1. Soft and Moisture Wicking Cover:

The mattress topper bears a high quality polyester microfiber cover. Microfiber materials are made of very thin fabric threads, much smaller than those used to spin silk. They have excellent moisture wicking ability and are regularly used in the design of sportswear as well as in military fatigues. Moreover, the fabric is highly wear resistant and almost maintenance free. This is indeed a mattress topper which you can conveniently machine-wash and stand assured it will be none the worse for wear.

3. Baffle Box Design:

If you have used conventionally stuffed items like mattresses, cushions or even pillows, you may have noticed an irritating development the longer you used the item. The fillings tend to get pinched and distributed to the edges, leaving a lumpy effect with a depression at the center.

The designers of this alternative down mattress topper have used an ingenious approach to overcome this failing. Known as the “Baffle Box” design, it relies on a set of internal three-dimensional fabric wall boxes which help ensure the filling material is distributed evenly throughout the structure of the mattress topper. As such, this topper will maintain uniform thickness and all-round comfort for its entire lifetime.

4. Plain White Color:

This down alternative mattress topper is encased in a lily white cover. Devoid of any patterns or dyeing it is a classic and stylish complement to your bed. Whether you are buying it for your own bed or for the guest bedroom, this is a mattress topper which will never let you down.down mattress topper

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Down Alternative Mattress Topper Benefits:

1. Choose from 4 Different Mattress Sizes:

However big or small your mattress is, you can rest assured there is a size of the Grand Down All Season Down Alternative Full Mattress Topper to fit it perfectly. As you shop, remember to indicate whether you are shopping for a mattress topper to complement a twin size, full size, queen or king size mattress. There are only very slight differences in the pricing of the four alternatives.

2.Certified as Completely Hypoallergenic:

All the materials used in the construction of this mattress topper have undergone extensive tests to ensure they are completely free of allergens. The polyester microfiber material in particular has been certified to be in compliance with all the standards for indoor hypoallergenic qualities. As such, if you have asthma or some other form of allergic reaction, you can trust this mattress topper will not induce a reaction or make it worse.

3. Double Needle Stitching:

This is a mattress topper designed to last without getting torn apart from frequent use. Using innovative double needle stitching, the topper retains its structure for years. Moreover, the piped edge all round the microfiber cover ensures durability while enhancing the stylish appeal of the topper.

4. All Season Warmth and Comfort Rating:

By ensuring this mattress topper is just the right thickness and softness, it is rated as offering warmth and comfort irrespective of prevailing weather conditions. In both summer and winter, you will love sinking into the warm softness of this Grand Down alternative mattress topper for a peaceful all night sleep.

Down Alternative Mattress Topper Pros & Cons:


  • Provides all night comfort.
  • 2.Excellent value for money.
  • No discernible chemical or “factory” smell even when brand new.
  • Softy and comfy all along its entire length.
  • Machine washable for easy care at home.


  • Could have mattress straps or skirting to help secure it on the mattress.
  • Lacks the bounce-back ability of a memory foam mattress topper.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: Is this mattress topper made of breathable material?

A: As indicated in the description, this is a mattress topper containing microfiber stuffing in its innards. As such, it lacks the breath ability of perforated foam toppers. That said though, it is still an excellent topper in terms of providing comfort. Moreover the microfiber cover, with its excellent moisture winking qualities; makes up for the lack of explicit breath ability of the stuffing underneath.

Q: Will this topper help make my saggy mattress a bit firmer?

A: This is a mattress topper designed to add extra comfort to your mattress. It does not have any inbuilt pressure support that would negate the sag of your mattress. It is therefore only good for a mattress which may not be comfortable but is firm in and of itself.

Final Verdict:

The Grand Down All Season Down Alternative Full Mattress Topper is a pretty decent complement for your aging mattress. It not only adds to the comfort of the mattress but it is healthy for use even by someone with a high susceptibility to allergens. Composed entirely of microfiber polyester material, it offers durable strength as well as unrelenting comfort.

And, as it is machine washable, you do not have to worry about keeping it clean and in good condition down the years. While it is true some down mattress topper reviews decry the lack of stiffness as well as the failure to add some skirting or straps to attach it to the mattress, this does not take away the other comprehensively beneficial features.

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