10 Best Rabbit Bedding for 2018 You Need to Check !

By | January 12, 2018

If you have pets at home, then there is one thing that you should do for them, ensuring that their comfort is guaranteed. Those are animals that stay at your home, so how are you going to make sure that they are comfortable and you are also comfortable? That is why you need to have the best rabbit bedding in your house. Many are out there but do you know choosing the best of them all is always a problem? Worry no more, get down to what we have for you here and make the right choice for your pet.

How to choose the best rabbit bedding?

Choosing a rabbit bedding is not something that you need to take lightly! You might think that you got the right one only to find how bad a choice you have made. That is why you need to get down to some tips on making the right choice.

  • Ensure that the bedding that you take is able to control odor. If it fails to do this, then your house or where you or the rabbit stays might turn out to be a no-go zone.
  • It should be absorbent. A good bedding should be able to absorb the majority of the liquids and urine so that it stays clean all the time.
  • It should be soft and even have a fluffy texture. This will give your rabbit a comfort zone to run to at any time that it needs to rest or even take a nap.
  • Make sure you get one that is dust free. This will prevent respiratory problems for your pet. It will also give you an easy time when you clean it.

Top Picks Best Rabbit Bed 2018

#1. carefresh Custom Rabbit/Guinea Pig Pet Bedding

Carefresh Custom Rabbit Bedding comes in perfect size making them ideal for nesting. Your pet will stay warm throughout the nesting period. If you want your rabbit to stay dry but comfortable, then Carefresh Custom Pet Bedding is what you must give a try.

If you’re that person who doesn’t like doing regular cleaning, then this bedding is your friend. It will absorb the urine well since it features huge chunks in it. Your guinea pigs will love it because it is very absorbent.

This is what you’ll continue purchasing because it cleans up easily. Get this pet bedding and prepare a nice indoor rabbit house for your pet. Let your pets enjoy cozy indoor rabbit bedding today.


  • It can expand up to 2X its volume
  • It is extremely lightweight and effortless to clean


  • Very absorbent to keep your pet dry and warm
  • Clean up easily so no more time wasting while cleaning the bedding
  • It can be expanded without the need of fluffing it out
  • Great for litter box use


  • The material is very coarse but you can add another layer of a softer material

#2. carefresh Complete Pet Bedding

This is the healthiest pet bedding which your small animals need them. It is free of dyes, inks, chemicals, and clay. It will give you unsurpassed odor control which is ideal for your rabbit cage bedding or habitat.

Since it is super absorbent, your pet will stay dry and comfortable. If you want cheap rabbit bedding, then CareFresh is your must-have bedding. Carefresh complete pet bedding will save you money and time. This is the best cleaner and healthier for your pet.

This rabbit-safe litter is what is designed with your pet in mind and you need to try them. It is also great as a rabbit litter pan, too.


  • Features soft pieces to make it more absorbent for your pet to stay dry and comfortable
  • Free of chemicals to ensure safety of you and your pet
  • Delivers unsurpassed odor control and great for people with allergy


  • 99% dust-free for easy cleanup
  • Comes with 10-day odor control formula
  • It can absorb up to three times more liquid compared to those wood shavings


  • It has a bad bag that makes it stink a bit.

#3. Kaytee Clean and Cozy Small Animal Bedding

If you want super-soft, absorbent bedding, then this is what you should order. It is very clean and super cozy to enhance burrowing and even nesting. Forget about those wood shavings and think about this super absorbent bedding for your pet.

Since it is clean and cozy absorbency it means you will never see odor in your pet’s cage. Thanks that it is 99.9% dust-free which means a cleaner habitat. If you don’t have enough time to do the cleaning, then this product is designed for you.

It is also great for indoor rabbit hutch and your pet will appreciate it. If you want to prepare amazing rabbit box for your pet, this bedding will give you wonderful results.


  • 99.9 percent dust-free for a cleaner cage and prevent respiratory issues
  • Odor control guaranteed
  • Bag can expand up to four to six times its weight in liquid
  • Soft and fluffy texture to make it perfect for burrowing and nesting
  • Long recycled fiber strands makes it perfect for better absorbency


  • More absorbent and good overall quality
  • Great for burrowing and nesting
  • Can prevent respiratory issues
  • Super soft to make your pet feel cozy


  • When it comes to masking odors, it doesn’t work well

#4. Pet Bedding

Do you have small animals and want the best bedding for them? This stuff is right here to ensure your pets feel cozy throughout their nesting period. This bedding is made from natural materials and is chemical free.

Since they’re 100 percent biodegradable and compostable, it means you and your pets get superior performance. If you have a lot of mice and want to make them feel at home, try this product and you’ll appreciate their performance.


  • Comes with 10-day odor control
  • 99 percent dust-free to ensure effortless cleanup
  • The unit can expand up to 50 L
  • It is three times more absorbent than those wood shaving materials


  • It doesn’t leave any dust everywhere to make your cleaning time effortless
  • Able to keep smell down and your pet will stay in a clean habitat
  • Since it is more absorbent, your pets will always be happy


  • The color might not be eye appealing

#5. Healthy Pet HPCC Natural Bedding

No more ammonia odor which is caused by pet urine when you have this bedding. This stuff is even softer and made to be more absorbent. It can absorb up to three times its volume in liquids.

No more respiratory or allergy issues when you have this well-made bedding. If you want to keep your pet cozy and dry then this bedding worth your purchase.

This is the best product for people who don’t want to do regular cleaning.


  • Made from reclaimed wood pulp to ensure safety of your pet
  • Absorb up to three times its weight
  • Can expand up to two times its volume
  • Long-lasting odor control to make your pet stay in a healthy habitat


  • More absorbent to make your pet feel cozy and comfortable
  • Dust-free to prevent respiratory issues
  • Super soft to make your pet feel cozy
  • Clean up easily so no more time wasting while cleaning the bedding


  • It is expensive but worth its price

#6 Small Pet Select Premium Soft Paper Bedding

One thing that you need to realize with this bunny bedding is that it has taken in mind comfort and quality. But that is not all. During the manufacture, other factors that will make your pet comfortable were also taken into account.

It is a safe product and will ensure that all your pets get the best comfort that they need. When you buy it and open it, it will give you a bit more volume than what you see here.


  • It is able to expand up to 3 times its volume when it is unpacked
  • This bedding has been designed with natural paper bedding, ensuring your pets get the best rest
  • It has been designed with safety in mind to take care of your small pets


  • It is super soft and also comfortable.
  • It is dust free when you compare it with other care fresh and even aspen bedding
  • Premium Soft Paper Bedding  does not have a powdery residue but has an absorbent paper that will nest your pets
  • It is lightweight and easy to wash/clean


  • It might not completely control odor

#7 Healthy Pet HPCC Natural Bedding, 60-Liter

When you need a rabbit bed that is never going to fail you at all, you have just found it right here. It has been designed with the ability to absorb 3 times the weight that it has.

Never worry about odor at all because it will ensure that everything is under control.

When you open it up, it will expand up to 2 times the volume that it has. Don’t just leave your pet to get cold, keep it warm and dry always.


  • It has been designed with soft pieces that are able to absorb liquids and urine up to 3 times its weight.
  • Healthy Pet HPCC Natural Bedding is a dust free item meaning that your pets will get less respiratory problems.
  • It has been made from biodegradable products so that when you are done using it, you can throw it into your compost and it will decay off.


  • It does not flatten out faster as compared to others
  • Healthy Pet HPCC Natural Bedding has the ability to control odor that emanates from pet urine
  • It is lightweight and ensures that you are able to use less


  • It might have a weird smell

#8 Vitakraft Fresh World Strength Crumble Bedding for Small Animals

Get this item and enjoy controlling pet odor in your house for up to 14 days. It only ensures that your pet and home are smelled fresh for longer.

It is a non- toxic item that is safe and also recyclable. This bedding is also not bleached, something that if done will make your pet uncomfortable as it sleeps or rests on it.

You can clean it easily due to the dust-free ability that it has.


  • It has been made with Odor Black Formula that has the ability to control odor for a period of 14 days
  • Made from super soft crumbles that are able to absorb liquids up to 3 times its weight
  • It is also a recycled product due to the recyclable paper that has been used to manufacture it.
  • It has a soft and also fluffy texture that will give your pets room to burrow themselves and relax.


  • It is easy to clean and its also lightweight
  • It is dust free and will always give less mess when you compare with others
  • Vitakraft Fresh World Strength Crumble Bedding controls odor so that it does not make your house to have bad smell
  • It has a great absorption rate


  • It does not have the ability to completely remove odors by masking them

#9 Mkono Rabbit Cage Litter Box for Guinea Pig Ferret Small Animals

When it comes to cleaning your litter box, you might find it a bit hard or tiresome. It is time you forget that and use this rabbit litter box that will ensure you get it right and easy.

It has been made with a removable grid floor that will ensure that all the messes are kept at bay. This is important as it will keep your pet’s feet clean all the time.

It is the best litter for rabbits that is durable and also pet safe.


  • It has cage hooks and holes to hold litter tray in a secure position so that it does not slide.
  • The grid floor is removable, ensuring that all messes are kept off from reaching your pet
  • Has a low entry design that will allow your pets to have an easy time getting inside and using it
  • The corner is elevated a bit so that spillage is prevented.


  • It can be used to potty train your pets in an easy manner
  • The plastic used to make it is much easier to clean
  • It has enough room to take in two pets


  • Might be a bit larger for the cage

#10 IRIS Rabbit Litter Pan with Scoop, Seafoam Green

This is a pan that is rated as great when you want to put it on the corner of a cage. It has been designed with a plastic shield that will attach it to the back of the pan.

This will protect all the surrounding areas from getting any mess that comes from the pet.

The grid floor is also removable, making it great for shielding your pet from coming into contact with wet floors.


  • It has a rubber foot on the bottom of the pan that will secure the pan to hold securely to the cage.
  • There is a plastic shield that attaches itself to the back of the pan so that it protects it from surrounding mess
  • The grid floor of this rabbit litter tray is removable and with the scoop, it will be able to contain the animal mess to the pan.


  • It has enough room that will give your pet enough comfort
  • The tray will help in making sure that cleanliness is maintained
  • The litter box is attached to the cage wires, making it safe from being playing with


  • Grate holes are a bit larger to accommodate poops that come from larger rabbits

Final Words

With the knowledge that we have shared with you about the best rabbit bedding, it will be wise for you now to make the right choice according to your needs. What you have above covers a wide area.

The goodness of this item is that they can take in more of your pets than just a rabbit. They are guaranteed of comfort as they rest or even take a nap. The best part is that majority are also biodegradable, meaning they are environmentally safe for you.

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