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By | December 27, 2017

Amerisleep Liberty Mattress: Many people are concerned about the place where a specific mattress is made. I love using products that are designed in the USA, and this is a major reason why I choose the Amerisleep Liberty 12″ Natural Memory Foam Mattress.

If you are concerned about getting quality sleep, and sleeping within the first 15 minutes of getting into your bed, this mattress is just what you are looking for.

It comes with a highly long lasting construction hence giving you many years of great night sleeping. Even if you are spending several hundreds of dollars acquiring the mattress, be sure that it will give you back the value for your money.

For you to understand this mattress in details, I have made this review that covers a lot of things about this Liberty mattress. Check some excellent features of the mattress and I’m sure by the time you are done reading, you will have already made up your mind. Cheers!

Amerisleep Liberty Mattress Top Features:

  • Eco-Friendly Design.
  • Multiple Layer Construction.
  • Comfort Level.
  • Quality Construction.
  • Maximum Support.

Eco-Friendly Design.

Do you consider the type of materials that are used to make a mattress? This is something that you should not overlook because some mattresses are designed with materials that pose a health hazard. The Liberty mattress is among the best products on the market made with eco-friendly materials. They have made good use of plant-based materials, so the use of petroleum products is very minimal.Amerisleep Liberty Mattress

Multiple Layer Construction.

The mattress has several layers that offer a cool sleeping experience. It comes with four layers which include a cover that is Celliant infused and helps you fall asleep pretty fast.

On top of that, this cover also provides some cooling effect so you will end up sleeping like a baby because the body temperature is perfectly regulated. There are also other three layers that also offer a comfortable sleeping environment.

Comfort Level.

The first thing that you should check when purchasing a mattress is the comfort. After all, you do not want to spend your money on a mattress that is uncomfortable to sleep on.

This mattress relieves your pressure, and it is soft as well as a little too firm. This means that it will suit all types of sleepers.

Maximum Support.

Another thing that you should not forget to check when buying a mattress is the support. You want to get a product that helps you wake up feeling more refreshed. This mattress allows you to get support on various parts of your body such as shoulders and hips which s also perfect for relieving pressure.

Quality Construction.

The type of construction in your mattress will determine how long it will last. If you select poorly designed mattresses, the result is a shorter lifespan.

With this Liberty mattress, the durability is quite impressive. This is a mattress with a durable construction and hence expected to last for many years.


  • The mattress uses a great patented VPF technology.
  • It provides you with many hours of sleep.
  • Perfect for all types of sleepers.
  • The customer service is great.
  • It offers an awesome cooling effect.
  • It is easy to maintain clean.


  • Some people find the mattress stiff.

Frequently Asked Questions About Amerisleep Liberty Mattress.

Q: I wanted to purchase this product, but I’m in Netherlands, do you offer delivery there?

A: I’m sorry they do not deliver there. Shipping is only done in Canada and USA.

Q: Can I use this mattress on an adjustable frame?

A: Yes you can, but you need to ensure that there is a solid rest for the mattress like plywood or any other.

Q: Where is this mattress made?

A: This is a nice mattress that is made in the USA.

Final Verdict:

Having tried quite some mattresses from various brands, I would highly advise you to get the Amerisleep Liberty 12″ Natural Memory Foam Mattress, and you will never regret your purchase.

The mattress does wonders in helping you sleep in the most comfortable position. It doesn’t whether you sleep alone or with your partner, you will love the great feeling and comfort offered by the mattress.

When it comes to longevity, this is a mattress that you can depend on. Feel free to spend your money on such a quality product and you will always be looking forward to the next time you will be on your bed.

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