About US

Hello ! I am Andra Zoe. I am a Mattress expert. All of my friends and relatives know it. For this reason, I receive a lot of questions each month over email, Facebook, and phone about best Mattress recommendation.

Which one they should buy now, which one perfect for his family. I do search and read reviews and Mattress features to suggest them the best Mattress.

All my information and research are being uploaded to mattressradar.com, one by one.

As you’ve been able to see, do I recommend a model for every need, so you can expand information and compare. Only models suggest that under my experience of over 15 years.

I believe have a good quality / price ratio. The goal for mine is clear: that the Mattress will last as long as possible with less maintenance and better results for your Bed!
If you have any questions, suggestions, tips and advises regarding Mattress. Just sent me mail through Contact Form. I respond to every single email I receive!

Thanks for stopping by at my About page, see you!

Andra Zoe, Founder