10 Tips for Better Sleep

By | December 12, 2017

10 Tips for Better Sleep: Oh yes! I love sleeping, not like I’m the lazy type, but especially after that rigorous schedule. Sleep refreshes us from that fatigue or boredom. It rejuvenates our bodies for the next day schedule.

Sleep re-energizes you, making you not only more productive but also improves your heart and immune system. You are likely to have a better mood and long life expectancy, thanks to sleep.10 Tips for Better Sleep

Well, there is more, sleep enhances more production of your testosterone hormone for that vitality of the day, muscle and strength. Additionally, we end up leaner, maintain great insulin levels, and improve memory among other benefits.

So, you see! Sleep is life. Whether you are affected by insomnia, an engaging shift at work, experiencing a jet lag, stressed or your partner is giving you a hell on earth; you can still do very well, and have some quality sleep. You just deserve better, right?

Most recommend an average of about 8 hours sleep to be good for your health, others go for 6 hours especially for adults, kids it could be more. But any of these I say is ok. The quality of sleep matters a lot.

There are so many theories on ways to sleep better including what you need exactly to do. I will try to catch quite as many tips as I can that can help you get better sleep. Read here 10 Tips for Better Sleep:

  • Ensure the room you sleep has the temperature, comfortable with you. Test yourself under your sheets to check if you can tailor any of these two to give you a healthy sleep temperature and comfort. You can control your room temperature using, for instance, a fan or thermostat.
  • Try to sleep and wake up on regular timings daily regardless of our tight schedules. This gives your body the expected pattern of sleep, to avoid developing hangovers on missed hours of sleep. You need active mental alertness for next day.
  • Sleep when necessarily sleepy. You know those moments you can’t help yourself but drop your eyes because of compelling sleep? Yeah, those ones! You will get most of it.
  • If not sleepy yet or it is time, get into your comfort zone, give your mind an hour before sleeping, reading something, this will allow your brain to transition into the ‘sleep mode’.
  • You can equally do what personally suits and sends you to sleep slowly leaving you healthy.
  • Ensure your room is never noisy for the best sleep. If it is noisy, grab your earphones but don’t go for too much of the volume.
  • Consider doing your favorite soft, soothing music that will take you away to slumber land.
  • Don’t use your phone in bed; they can be tempting, and chew into your sleep hours, switch off all electronics. Use an alarm clock than a phone to wake you up, to avoid night sleep disruptions. It is sleep time remember.
  • How about leaving your room less bright? Warm, soothing, peaceful colored lights and bedroom paint will do better. Identify the best sleep position that works for your best sleeping. This can be tested naturally in bed for a perfect one.
  • Invest in a quality bed with the right bedding that contain you well and comfortably encourage your body to sleep, just like a baby, right?

Lastly, you may find it imperative to expose yourself to light immediately when it is time to wake up. Your mind will get used to adjusting you into your daily run till the next sleep, for a consistent and uninterrupted sleeping pattern.

And how about stopping that smoking? Well, that can turn out to be great for a quality sleep. Check on the medication that affects your sleep too. For that regular body fitness exercise? It is good.

Won’t you have a healthier sleep from tonight? Good luck.

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